Paul DiMarco Production
Paul DiMarco Photography
Paul DiMarco doesn't stop at taking photos and designing. Paul is a contender in the online video entertainment industry in South Florida with over 15 years of experience in video, editing, directing, producing and content licensing. Paul offers the best in production services and uses the newest technologies on the market. Below are some examples of his work both behind the camera and directing.

Paul DiMarco Photography
PDP Digital approaches all of its projects from an entertainment industry development perspective. This viewpoint of development is a very simple concept. It is phased development that allows for phased deliverables & project management controls, ensuring that scheduling, cross-team communication and the final system is simple, effective and easy to understand. Our multi-tiered methodology, known in-house as “Line Production and Control” (LPC) serves as a development framework for all client engagements. This type of Development enhances creative and gives the ‘Best in Bread’ of the industry while maximizing cost controls, leaving our clients with outstanding results at a fraction of the cost.

PDP works with our clients to sort out and help produce the BEST, most creative, and most effective product, that will impact your intended audience. Whether your products purpose is being used as a marketing tool to generate traffic; a promotional video or documentary to help 'shop' your band to the labels; or a commercial video for retail, PDP will make it happen!